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Strategies and tools for advanced building envelopes design towards resilient constructions

Strategies and tools for advanced building envelopes design towards resilient constructions

The course “STRATEGIES AND TOOLS FOR ADVANCED BUILDING ENVELOPES DESIGN TOWARDS RESILIENT CONSTRUCTIONS“ (doctoral program in Architecture, Built environment and Construction engineering – ABC PhD Politecnico di Milano) will start on January 18, 2022.

The course (35 hours) aims to define strategies related to building resilience against climate change, focusing on the building envelopes resistance to extreme wind events. In particular, building and environmental components, namely potential flying debris, are considered as the vulnerable elements subjected by strong wind events. Therefore, the goal is to identify risk mitigation actions, by reducing building and environmental components vulnerability and to improve the resiliency of the built environment to extreme wind phenomena, as well as to prevent major losses to the properties affected and to guarantee higher safety to the people indoor and outdoor.

Lecturers: Enrico S. Mazzucchelli (Politecnico di Milano), Paolo Rigone (Politecnico di Milano), Angelo Lucchini (Politecnico di Milano), Dario Trabucco (IUAV Venezia), Martino Milardi (Università degli Studi Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria).

Opening Doctoral Education to external candidates
Starting 2019, Politecnico di Milano has established to open its doctoral courses to all interested external candidates. To be enrolled, candidates must register at the POLIMI website (www.polimi.it/onlineservices -> “Register”) and then they will find in their online services webpage the function “Application for doctoral single courses”. Selected categories (including Visiting PhDs, PhD candidates of Institutions with which agreements have been signed, and employees of companies which have signed a “Joint Research Center” agreement with POLIMI) will receive a fee waiver, and will be requested to pay only the cost of the stamp and the insurance: for the academic year 2020/2021 the total amount was 32.20€.