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EFN is a meeting point for Science, Technology and Industry about research, teaching and exchange on building envelope knowledge.

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JFDE Journal

Journal of Façade Design and Engineering

The Journal of Facade Design and Engineering (JFDE) presents new research results and new proven practice in the field of facade design and engineering. The goal is to improve building technologies, as well as process management and architectural design. The JFDE is a valuable resource for professionals and academics involved in the design and engineering of building envelopes, including the following disciplines:

  • Architecture
  • Façade Engineering
  • Climate Design
  • Building Services Integration
  • Building Physics
  • Façade Design and Construction Management
  • Novel Material Applications.
For more information about the JFDE, past issues and submission guidelines, please visit the JFDE website or send us an e-mail at JFDE-BK@tudelft.nl