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“Hormipresa Hybrid Wall” and Metabuilding Labs demonstration activities

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“Hormipresa Hybrid Wall” and Metabuilding Labs demonstration activities

Hormipresa is a leading Spanish producer of prefabricated concrete solutions for buildings. Within the project Metabuilding Labs, they are developing and testing an “hybrid precast concrete & timber wall”. The solution is a precast insulated sandwich panel with 3 different layers:

  • an inner layer of Cross-Laminated-Timber
  • an insulator as middle layer
  • an external concrete layer that integrated the facade to the panel

After some initial development phase and lab tests of this new hybrid wall, the demonstration campaign has started. It comprises of a new build operation at Hormipresa headquarters in Tarragona, and a social housing refurbishment in Asturias, in a building from the project´s partner VIPASA.


To prepare the Tarragona pilot operation, a collaborative workshop was organised following the OITB “Pilots-as-Living-Labs” participatory methodology. Two different construction technologies will be implemented in the same building: their traditional prefabricated concrete sandwich “Arctic panel”, and the innovative “Hybrid Wall”.


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