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Feedback from BE-AM Symposium 2021

Feedback from BE-AM Symposium 2021

With 12 keynote lectures, the fully digital version of the BE-AM | Symposium 2021 was a huge success.


The BE-AM | Symposium 2021 took place fully digital on Wednesday, December 1, as part of the Formnext 2021 Digital Days.

You can re-watch HERE the 12 keynote lecturers, the contributions of Prof. Dr. Mania Meibodi of Taubman College and Moritz Dörstelmann of KIT, or the introduction and closing remarks by BE-AM co-founders Prof. Dr. Ing. Oliver Tessmann and Prof. Dr. Ing. Ulrich Knaack of TU Darmstadt.

Moreover, at the same link, you can download the BE-AM | Booklet. The booklet is a collection of the year’s scientific discoveries, pilot studies, prototypes, and industrial developments of 3D printing in construction and architecture. It includes impressions of the BE-AM | Symposium 2021 and the BE-AM | Exhibition 2021 at Formnext, Frankfurt/Main.


BE-AM is a symposium and exhibition that brings together experts in 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing from industry, academia, design and architecture. It is a platform to share and discuss ideas, projects and technologies. The event is hosted by the Formnext fair in Frankfurt/Main, and organized by Prof. Ulrich Knaack, Prof. Oliver Tessmann, Dr.-Ing. Philipp Rosendahl, Dr. Bastian Wibranek and Chris Borg Costanzi of the Technical University of Darmstadt.