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Discover advanced building envelope design at Politecnico di Milano

Discover advanced building envelope design at Politecnico di Milano

The School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering at Politecnico di Milano introduces a new offering within the Master Programme in Building Engineering for Sustainability (BES): the BES-F track ‘Innovative envelope and facade’.

The BES programme is dedicated to training professionals to address the sustainability challenges of the built environment, aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the European climate neutrality targets for 2050.

The new BES-F track, taught in English, emphasises the critical role of the building envelope in contemporary architecture. Beyond aesthetics, the building envelope is essential for energy efficiency, occupant comfort, and achieving zero-carbon targets. This course provides an opportunity to explore innovative and integrated design approaches, utilising advanced modelling tools, computational design methods, and digital fabrication techniques.

Students will explore mechanical, thermal, and safety performance aspects of building envelopes. The course also covers the design and management of interfaces between the building envelope and other parts of the building, including the structure and systems. Emphasis is placed on dynamic and responsive facades, which can enhance the efficiency and adaptability of building technologies.
The BES programme offers four specialised tracks, with BES-F designed for those interested in international contexts.

The curriculum focuses on providing students with a solid scientific and technical foundation, enabling them to apply advanced engineering methods and tools to develop sustainable solutions that integrate environmental, economic, and social factors throughout a building’s lifecycle.

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