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University of Southern Denmark

The FACETS lab is a research laboratory founded in 2019 within the University of Southern Denmark, Department of Technology and Innovation, Section of Civil and Architectural Engineering. The FACETS lab strives to create façade technologies and solutions that will enable sustainable future and engaging experiences.

The FACETS lab promotes an interdisciplinary research and education culture exploring the integration of Industry 5.0 technologies in a façade domain with a human-centric approach. The research covers a plethora of topics as diverse as Digital Tools for Façade Computational Design and Engineering, Virtual Test Bed of Façade Systems, Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Facades, Additive Manufacturing of Façade Systems and Components, Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality Façade Mockups, Cyber-Physical Façade Design and Collaboration, Building-Integrated Photovoltaics, Dynamic Facade Systems.

In addition to an ambitious research agenda, The FACETS lab organizes educational activities including courses and workshops as a part of Nordic Façade Track within BSc and MSc academic programs in Civil and Architectural Engineering as well as professional diploma engineering program in Civil Engineering. The FACETS lab encourages playing with an unique mix of façade-related art, design, science and technology to form an inspiring research and education ecosystem created for collaborative innovation.